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Flake Enterprises is a leading consulting firm that is driven towards continuous growth and success. The owner and Executive Director Letisha Flake has had a vast  experience in the Human Resources field. Our mission is to transform the lives of  individual’s, by providing branded products and services of superior valued quality to uplift your confidence and appearance.

Letisha is an energetic, assertive, and self-motivated professional with a solid understanding of human resources and business operations. She has a wealth of leadership skills with proven abilities by identifying results-oriented methods for improving productivity and organizational effectiveness results in efficiencies with the tasks she takes upon. Flake Enterprises takes pride in providing you the best and most driven attention to your needs .

Letisha Flake is a professional certified coach with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Relations (Business Sector) from High Point University; Certificate in Project Management, Certificate in Records Management and Six Sigma Training and Development. She is no stranger to the corporate arena. Her extensive experience spans over 20 years in the federal and private business sectors.  Some of her expertise are in career coaching, financial management, human resource management, and project management. 


Letisha is a SPIRIT driven entrepreneur that identifies the importance of offering resources to help individuals in developing a resilient mindset, positive attitude, which in turn will allow them to achieve their goals.

While building her corporate expertise, she is continuously inspired by her clients globally. This inspiration encouraged her to expand her knowledge to include consultant skills in career development and coaching. 

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform lives by providing branded products and services of superior quality and value that make them feel good about themselves.


Our vision is to be a resources that will allow individuals to develop a resilient mindset and attitude; that will allow them to use their inner strength to achieve their goals.



Sheryl Z., LAVISH Client

I would like to personally thank Lavish for all her hard work with finding my bridesmaids accessories for my wedding.


Keyana R., Career Coaching Client

I've received the revised version of my resume. My apologies for not supplying the additional information you requested. However, you did an excellent job revising my resume without it. 


Thank you for your well wishes, the job referrals, and most importantly for your time.


Lannie P., Community Services Initiative Client 

Thank you for your hard work in supporting my daughter as she develop. Your patience and commitment to supporting my child has mean a lot to our family.

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